Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Scrap of Vintage

A Scrap of Vintage was one of those labors of love to create. Extracted from photos of heritage items like the parasol, mannequin, and sewing machine, I had more than a few nostalgic moments.  But it contains enough elements like ribbons and buttons, in a variety of color options to create some beautiful memories of your own.  

The papers come in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 inch, and in beautifully soft tones of blue, pink and green.

I also created Word Art with Brushes, and Vintage Ladies.

A sampling of a few pages to give you a little inspiration from my Dream Team. Thank you Judy, Beth, and Gina!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sophisticated Ladies coming to town

  Dressed to kill, these sophisticated ladies will look delightful on any page!  Great for cards too.  Sophisticated Ladies is available at Oscraps on the 11th at 20% off for a limited time. The ladies come in both PNG and brush format, giving you a lot of variety in use. Try stamping these lightly as a background paper, or stamp on a layer below the PNG and place behind the PNG slightly offset for a beautiful effect. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I will be the first to admit I am not much of a blogger. It all boils down to not feeling comfortable selling myself, because let's admit, when you post about your kits and artwork, it is really YOU that is being sold. That being said, I am far more comfortable telling everyone about the fantastic job my team does with the product I design. They produce the most amazing artwork from my kits.  And since I have not been online for a little while, I will show you some random pages from my latest kits so you can see just how artistically wonderful my team is. 

From Simply Leaves, Beth has created two fabulous pages, one nostalgic/vintage (also using Warm Embrace) and one very current, both gorgeous with the PNGs of the kit emphasizing the beauty of the family! She pulled elements from By the Morning Light into the second page as well.

With Winter Magic and Winter Overlays, Judy has created a page that might remind all of us of how fun being a kid was in the winter...the wonder of it all...

And Myscrappin creates a snow princess!  

And continuing with the winter theme (appropriate given the time of year), Judy uses Winter Overlays to give us two delightful pages, plus ideas on our Holiday cards !

By the Morning Light gives you a variety of elements, and the layouts range vastly.  Here Betty Jo created simple elegance in showing us her beautiful photography, I love how the images pop using the elements to emphasize the flowers! Gorgeous!

And using the same kit, I used just elements available in the kit to see how they would look on a page.  My way of testing colors and patterns. But I have to admit I sort of liked it, and it also demonstrates the reflection pieces in the kit. LOL

  And again using the same kit, we have Judy creating two very different layouts. The first is gorgeous and reminds me to relax, I imagine being in a spa for the day!  The second of Judy's layouts pulls in one of her favorite artist's berry watercolor which blends beautifully into the kits colors and theme.

 And Mystampin does such a fabulous job of layering in this page.  I love how she used the mask as the background, stacking the florals and ribbons, creating a circle to connect them all. Love this!

And of course I can never pass up anything that reminds me of family, nurturing, and nature all wrapped into one page!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Grans Kitchen

With the Holidays upon us, what better place to be emotionally than Grans Kitchen? Full of those aromas we all learned to love and associate with warmth and security.  Here are a few pages to show you the versatility and fun you can have with this kit.

By Judy in SD

By myscrappin2003

By Betty Jo

By myscrappin2003

My foodie partner myscrappin2003

I love using these for recipes...looks great when I have to print them out!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Scrap of Autumn

Autumn is here and the leaves are starting to turn in some areas.  I have some great images to show you (from the Oscraps gallery). I am enjoying the variations that can be created with A Scrap of Autumn.

By mystampin2003, this creative page is a real eye catcher. I would love to scrap lift this beauty!!  There is so much depth to this page, you could look at it all day and keep finding new and interesting things about it, like a great art piece!

Judyinsd designed this stunning page!  Soft and serene, this was another page that seemed to jump out at me in the gallery at Oscraps.

And what a beautiful page by wombat146, a portrait to be proud of.  I love the blending, and the colors are fabulous...and those eyes, beautiful eyes!

And of course we have to remember Edgar Allen Poe and the Raven, and what a perfect use of the raven in the kit!  This is another favorite of mine!

Back to a softer palette, Ren created this stacked and blended page, outstanding in it's color and balance!

 Betty Jo is fabulous at blending photos into her pages, adding quotes or word art, and weaving wonderful stories with her pages! 

Isn't this precious?  Note how the knitted cap matches the lace from the kit!  Leave it to Beth to be so creative! Who wouldn't love this beautiful face?

If you have not seen the statue of David, I strongly recommend adding it to your bucket list!  Michelangelo is the essence of an artist, and he made his subjects come alive, much like Judy did in the unique page. Simplicity at its finest!

Almost whimsical, and then you see that amazing and adorable face peering out at you.  I love this page, so sweet and innocent!

Betty Jo is an artist in her own right, and the photography and kite are hers.  This page makes me crave the fall season, with all its color and clarity!

 Autumn is not just about the warm reds, gold and yellows!  I love the blues and greens mystampin added to this page!

 I have to admit I have a favorite element in this kit, and it is that bud with the orange leaves. I love this page, it makes me feel alive!!!  Mixing the papers and using the stitch to tie them together was brilliant! Great page Judy!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Scrap of SteamPunk

There is nothing so rewarding than to see your own designs being used to create such beautiful art.  Here is some inspiration using A Scrap of Steampunk.

By Beth, I love the way she used the mesh, and the colors on this are simply amazing!

And this amazing page by Gina, I love how this looks like you can see all the gears moving in his mind, so creative!

And speaking of creative, this page by Judy is simply awesome!  She added Steampunk elements to  an image of Street Art. Love how she used the keys and glasses on the face, the grunge for the wall. Just amazing in her creativity!

Talk about using your imagination, here is one by Betty Jo that made me smile! Playful and animated, this page reminds me of those old cards we used to collect, love it!

Ona created this wonderfully masculine page, grungy and in your face!  It makes me feel alive just looking at it.  

Beth created a great page of Clara Bow, I really love how she made such a soft page with hard elements, this is so lovely!

Beth had a blast with this kit, and her creative design seemed to never waiver! One of my all time favorites, this was such a great page honoring her father.

Is this beautiful or what?  Again, a soft and elegant page created from a steampunk kit? Amazing!

And not all pages are 12x12, this one by  Rosek uses the letter size 8.5x11 inch pages in my kits.

And of course the inspiration behind this kit, my grandsons!