Friday, January 15, 2016

Ship to Shore

Excited to present Ship to Shore, my latest kit.  The name actually tells you all about the kit, but let me add that this kit is pure fun!  Just drag and drop the elements onto a page, and try them with the various backgrounds.  If part of an element overlaps too much, just apply a soft eraser at a low opacity to it!  Create your own art!  That is what my designs are all about.  Check out what my team has created using this kit, I am so lucky to have these wonderful ladies who play with abandon!!

So here are a few pages to give you an idea of what YOU can do with this kit!!
Hayley said she just plopped things on a page and this is what she came up fun is this?

I love how Cheryl stacked these elements and created a story by adding the sailor.

I felt like this was a cover of a book, Gina designed a page that was emotional for me, making me crave more!

And see what you can do with texture...beautiful page by Gina!

Look how playful you can get, I just love the whimsical feel to these next few by Hayley and Cheryl:

I love the stacking and blending on the next few pages by Cheryl, Hayley, Gina and myself. The bottom line is that this kit is a blast to play with (if I do say so myself, LOL)

And if you are more into the "less is more" category, how about these? I love the one by Cheryl, creating a shipwreck scene!

Friday, January 8, 2016

How to Create a Simple Scene

by Gina

Software used: Photoshop

When I look at a page with a sky, I see shadows. But in reality there are no shadows at the sky.
 So how to get more depth? I will show you a simple way.

Open your paper in your usual way. I added a scene paper from Wood Sprites and changed the size – so it matches perfectly with my paper. But there is a hard edge on the right side.

On this layer add a Layer Mask by clicking on the little icon at the bottom of your layer palette.  
(put your curser over the buttons and the name will appear...this one is a black square with a white hole in it)

In your tool bar select your Gradient Tool. Make sure that you have the black/white gradient.
Mode: normal, opacity: 100%.
On your scene paper drag from the edge to the left side - nearly 20%.

Does not look very good and it does not match perfectly with your background. 

So, on your scene paper, change the Blend Mode to Multiply

Add a new blank layer and merge this with your scene layer.

For this layout I added a tree.

Change your Blend Mode to Soft Light. Now add a Drop Shadow. Blend Mode: Multiply. 
Select a color from the sky. Set the opacity to 35%. Angle: 90°, Distance: 0, Overfill: 0, Size: 90
You will have something like this:

Looks not very good. Select the tree and then make sure that you are on the scene layer in your layer palette. 
With the Eraser Tool erase the parts of the scene layer so the tree is completely visible.

Add now a balloon or a bird. Use the same drop shadow like before.
Add other elements in your usual way.

For this layout I added a word frame. But it looks very strong. 

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay – you will see it matches perfect with the colors of layout.

Finish your layout by adding an overlay. 

I don't like the hard touch of black here.
So I changed the Blend Mode also to Overlay and add a Drop Shadow – settings like before.
I only changed the color to a dark grey.

That's it! Have fun!

Lifeline Beginnings

The latest kit is called Lifeline Beginnings.  
Our lives are full of "beginnings" starting with our birth, our first steps...starting a new job, ending something and starting again...a lifetime of new beginnings, exciting and challenging!

This page is by one of my customers, Audrey. I love her theme and her soft tones.

Hayley created a fantasy...just such a delight!!

Cheryl created such a thought provoking page, again with the soft tones I love.

Gina created this gorgeous page, I love the image of the girl looking at the flowers, so beautiful and artistic!

Another favorite by Hayley, stunning!

And of course I love nature, so this would be a favorite of mine by Gina

And I could not resist trying a page of my own...