Sunday, October 18, 2015

Easy Peasy

Want to create quick and easy journal page or card? Let me show you how I created these two pages, one as a fun and creative layout, the other as a journal page (can also be used for a card) using some of the same materials from my latest kit My Fair Maiden.

I started with the two overlays in the kit, which are the column on the left and the hedge on the right, keeping the hedge layer on top. I added the plain textured paper as my base layer (have fun and try changing backgrounds after you get your page done).  Here comes the easy part:  I added the window and tucked that layer under the column layer. It blends in perfectly.  Above the column layer, I added the palm tree, then the ground leaves, the books, and the cat. Just arrange them how you like...the cat looked good behind the books as well. The harp, stand and bird were layered in that order, some re-sizing was needed.  
OK, how did I fade out the violin? I just tucked that element below the hedge layer and let it peek out slightly. The fading from the hedge gives it that faded look.   To create the  branch, I added the branch in the kit and the set of leaves, then duplicated the leaves twice more and arranged them around the branch for a fuller look. I duplicated the butterfly and tucked one under the palm tree to give it a more illusive feel, and another under the branch. The only element not in this kit was the owl, which was from a previous kit.  I added word-art (or you can journal) and viola! It was that simple!!  

Below is a simpler version of this page that I created for my journal. I started with the 8.5x11 inch paper, and had to size down all the elements by a little bit. I added WA instead of my journaling so I could give you an idea how it would look as a greeting card as well.  I did add one of my old grungy overlays to finish this one off (dark edging around outside). An option I am considering is adding some of the cobblestones that come with the kit under the leaves...but in this case, I wanted the space for my journaling so left those out.

I hope this was helpful? There are many more elements in this kit to be creative with, please feel free to leave a comment below or share your page on my Facebook page
 Thanks for looking and have an artfilled life!

My Fair Maiden

Here is a kit that makes it easy to create your own scenes. My Fair Maiden is composed of fusion pngs that will blend beautifully into each other and the background. Just throw some of the art on a page and move it around, add journaling,  add photos, it is YOUR art, take a chance and try it!  

Here are just a couple of inspirational examples from the fabulous Judy, Gina, Hayley and Cheryl:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How'd I do that?

I have been asked if the skeleton on this page is in the kit.  And so I thought I would write a simple explanation about how I created the look of the skeleton sitting.

First, yes I did use the skeleton that is in the kit, but that skeleton is standing straight up. To get the effect of sitting down, I simply:  (1) duplicated the skeleton layer, (2) on original layer I erased the bottom half of the skeleton, (3) on the duplicate of the skeleton layer I erased the top half of the skeleton, (4) I rotated the legs at a 45 degree angle to appear in a sitting position, and moved that layer until it looked as natural as I could make it.  Simple and easy!


A first for me, I have never done a Halloween kit. So I wanted to do a kit that someone could use for more than just one holiday, so many of the elements can be used for a variety of pages, cards or journals.  The kit is called Spook-tacular and it comes with twelve papers in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 inch (which is great for cards, then shrink to size).  There is a separate wordart and cluster packet as well.  Here is the kit and some fabulous inspiration:

The papers are fun!

The Clusters are spooky thanks to Cheryl!

And the WordArt appropriate for the season!

And here is the best part....the inspiration from my marvelous team of artists: Cheryl, Gina, Hayley, and Judy ...and even something from me!

Autumn Harvest

Autumn is here and what could be more appealing than falling leaves, pumpkins and gourds?  Here is Autumn Harvest, and some fabulous inspiration by my amazing team, Judy, Hayley and Cheryl!