Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Did You Do That?

I have been asked how some of the artwork has been created,  so thought I would start posting some "how to" pages to share with you the process I or others have gone through to create our art. 
Supplies are: Sophisticated Ladies, white tissue paper, re-positionable spray adhesive, candle, grease-proof paper, and heatgun.
 Hope you enjoy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Garden Journaling

Hi! It's Natasha here with the latest "goings on" from "The Brambles". "The Brambles" is the unofficial name for my garden and I'm sure I do not need to tell you why! 

I've been journaling my garden on The Brambles blog since June 2013. The style of my journal has evolved over that time and no surprises, but I'm currently scrapping booking it :)

It all starts with me each week taking a note of what I've seen in the garden and the little stories of the "goings on". When the flowers are out I like to take photos of them, and the birds and wildlife if possible. Luckily flowers are not as camera shy as birds and squirrels :) Some weeks have more "goings on" than others! These range from the rubber ducks in the pond ending up on the garage roof to the friendly Ms Blackbird that keeps Steve, my partner, company whilst he is out cleaning the car! She's really got it sussed though and knows she'll get some extra mealworms :)

Here are my top two tips for journaling gardens:

  1. Journaling Tip - keep a notebook handy to write down what you see, so you don't forget.
  2. Photography Tip - make sure your camera is ready go with charged batteries and an empty memory card.

I find that scrapbooking is a great way to create my journal with. For times when I am short of photos or journaling I add more scrapbook elements. I use kits that fit with the time of year and the elements are therefore a great match.

I create my log book layouts as 8x8 inch size as this size works for printing out on an A4 printer on A4 card (and then trimmed to size).

It's fun just to try out different ideas and when I find something I like I alter it for the month. This gives a little consistency to my log book but also the freedom to change it too for each new month.

To create last weeks Brambles page I've really mixed and matched Lynne's amazing kits, using the following:

As always we'd love to see what you've been creating with Lynne's kits, so don't forget to share a link in the comments and we'll be sure to pop over and take a look. It's bye for now, I'll be back soon, Natasha :)

P.S. If you'd like to catch up with my blog "The Brambles" hop over to it here: The Brambles, a tale of a garden.