Monday, December 3, 2018

Simple Pleasures


Let Lynne’s latest kit, Simple Pleasures, take you on a journey. One where your imagination is in the driving seat. I love that feeling of not quite knowing where I’m going, and finding out on the way!

There is a part of a door in this kit that as soon as I saw it I couldn’t help wondering what would be on the other side. A mysterious door! But then I realised that I could choose what was hidden behind it. I could create my own interpretation on what I might find there.

This is what I love about creativity. There are no rules. I can do as I please!

So what did I find on the other side?

A place where I would be more than happy to while away the hours, in amongst the wildlife and flowers. A place where I could listen to the bird song, and a place where I could dream.

Maybe there is a formal garden to find full of flowers. With a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a book undisturbed. Except for natures soothing sounds.

Or in the woodland where wild flowers abound, and ladies from the past are found.

The possibilities are endless. We can find one or many new places behind the door.

It’s all up to our imaginations and what stories we wish to tell.

Of course there doesn’t have to be a door. We all get inspired by different things. What triggers your curiosity to create?

Although I love creating 12 x 12 size pages, I also like to experiment with other paper sizes. I'm particularly keen on double page layouts, which I've used here. Do you like to experiment with different page sizes?

Lynne’s gorgeous kit Simple Pleasures and the accompanying wordart kit are available in her Oscraps shop.

Let us know what you’ve created and where the kit took you and your imagination. We always love to hear from you.


Here is a little more inspiration for you from Lynne's team

Snow Days

Continuing on the Holiday theme, Snow Days brings to life the fantasy and magic of all the stories we heard as children. Take a train ride through the snow, build a snowman or go for a ride on Santa's sleigh, enjoy the magic of art!!

I would be nothing without my team:  Anita, Anne, Beth, Catherine, Corry, Cheryl, Gina, Ina, Jana, Jean, Jeannette, Kelly, and Trish. I love you gals!



Most of us love the Holidays, it is such a pretty time of year, regardless if you are alone or with crowds, in snow or in desert. The season has a magical feel to it. When I was young and alone, feeling a bit sorry for myself, I remember walking down the street and observing the lights, the color, the music.  I realized that I can enjoy the magic for what it is.

I hope you enjoy the magic of my teams art!!

Autumn Expressions

Autumn is a time for color!!  It is when nature shows off her best!   Here are some samples from my amazing team!!

Endless Wonders

Will wonders ever cease?  Do you ever think about how fast a hummingbirds wings move?  Or why there are so many various types and shapes of mushroom? Throw yourself into a fantasy world of wonder and start to notice what wonders are in your life.

Available at Oscraps (link in title) and here are a few examples from my team.