Friday, February 19, 2016

Chantilly Lane

Chantilly Lane Bundle, an 18th century town just waiting for the stories to be told. A Downton Abbey, a Peyton Place,  a Place to Call Home....this kit is waiting for you to tell your stories!  Filled with fun characters, gorgeous settings and backdrops, and elegant furnishings, the Bundle is everything you need to create amazing pages or journal art. 

Just look at  some of the pages my marvelous team has created!  I love showing off what they can do!

Hayley created this country scene, and I love how she overlayed the various blended elements to create such a soft environment. 

Gina created such a totally different look using some of the same material, I adore the misty look, and love how she used the little girl to look like she is knocking on the door!

Cheryl used the farmhouse blend on top of the background paper with the trees to create this beautiful scene. She added the tree limb, fence, birdbath and maid, and toned down the grass a bit to make this amazing page look like a painting.

I just adore this page by Hayley.  I love how the maid looks like she is scolding the cat as the little boy and dog look on with anticipation that they are next!

I got carried away and had to do a page myself! I guess I love 18th century style!

Doesn't Cheryl's page look like a watercolor painting? I will have to ask her how she did this, but my favorite part of this is how she arranged the window with the shutters, making it larger than life, adding such an artsy feel to it. It is fun to see how all the same elements can look so different!

I love this doorway, so had to add this one to show you!  This was one of those quick plopping elements on a page sort of thing as I tested the elements to make sure they are usable.  I liked the courtyard look, and since I wanted to show off that archway door...well, here it is!

Hayley wanted me to show you the car and staircase, so she quickly put this magnificent page together!

And of course you need to see inside of Chantilly Lane, so welcome to Chantilly Place