Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home for the Holidays

A collaboration with Ann Brown, Home for the Holidays is a set of water-colored blended overlays and brushes, created with home in mind. Warm and inviting, these blends will add a sense of homecoming to any page, collage, journal or card.

And of course, here are some inspirational pages created by my team

Remember when we were kids and would love to hear that school was closed "due to snow"? That meant a fun-filled day of playing in the snow! Here is a fabulous page by Pat. I love the snow falling, the bright red in the door and fence...

Figberrie (Anne) created a delightful page using one of the blends plus a snowman and section of a background page from the kit Let it Snow. It brings back such fabulous memories of building snowmen and seeing how long they last before they melted.

Jean designed a fantastic holiday photo album page, cleverly combining individual pages she created into a single page, arranged beautifully! See her individual pages below.

Hayley gives us a different feel with her house set back, showing you the neighborhood. I would love to live here! She uses Winter Overlays to give that distant perspective. Beautifully done!

Jana gives us a soft, warm version of coming home for the holidays with the sled out front and my favorite Christmas tree. I love the details with the birds and the hat on the squirrel!! This page gives me that sense of wellbeing.

Ange added an antique look to her page, with this delightful set of penguins. How darling is this? I feel like this could have been a card from days of old.

The Snowy Owl...I just love how Cheryl made the owl seem like it was flying off the page. And I wish I had that owl in one of my kits, sadly I do not! A gorgeous page!

Trish gives us Rudolf, combining the Blends with the Let it Snow kit. Rudolf looks perfectly at home here, and I can almost here those bells jingle! Love that squirrel on the fence!

I love looking for small details in a page, and Jeannette surprised me with a little teddy bear on the "stoop" (porch). Almost hidden, it sits watching the kids build the snowman. So adorable!

I love how different this page is, very traditional, and is a card I would love to send my friends and family. Pat created this beauty using another collab with Ann, called Holiday Trimmings

Love the details in Jean's page! The squirrel on the porch, the birds in the bush, and that adorable little boy in the window. It makes a snowy, cold day feel warm and delightful! This is one of the images in Jean's collage above.

This antiqued page by Ange looks like the book cover of a children's story. I love how it changes the whole feel of the layout. The details are stunning, and I would love this as a Christmas card!

Ah, and then there was magic with the elf bringing holiday gifts to the kids in the neighborhood. Pat creates the whimsical winter with this page that would delight any child who still believes ...

And here is the other detailed page from Jean's collage above: A neighborhood snowball fight! I love the perspective of this page, and the detail of the little girl watching from the porch!

And finally, wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season, from all of us to you!
 Hoping you are home for your Holidays (by Pat)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let it Snow

The latest kit is a crazy fun winter kit, sprinkled with a little holiday cheer. Designed mainly as a seasonal kit, LET IT SNOW is filled with snow scenes, characters playing in the snow, animals in the snow, elements found in the snow, and papers with ...drum role, you got it...SNOW!  
So Let it Snow!!!

Below are pages completed for you by my team, please be inspired to create your own art piece with this fabulous kit!  Pages created by Ange, Anne, Catherine, Cheryl, Hayley, Jean, Jeannette, Pat, Trish and myself. I hope you enjoy!  
And check out my new website created by Pat Johann, just click on the website tab above.

By Gina

By Jean

By Pat

By Cheryl

By Ina

By Trish

By Hayley

By Anne

By Ange

By Catherine

By Jeannette

By Me

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Country Charm

Country Charm is a mix of Autumn, Fantasy, and nature all rolled into one package. 

And here are some pages that are sure to delight! I think these show the versatility of this kit...or at least the creativity of my team!

Starting with 2 gorgeous pages from Ange with a beautiful textured look, I love her stacking and elegant texturing.

Anne layered scenes and elements to create this fabulous fantasy! I love how it feels like you can stroll down that path!

Hayley's page has an ancient feel to it, very artsy and beautiful! The longer I look, the more I see!

In Gina's more traditional page, she uses several elements and clusters in a superb stack, giving more depth to the image and page. 

Cheryl created a fantasy page with the elf, I love how she used the soft greens and yellows together to give it an ethereal sense to the page.

Pat cleverly stretched the frame to use as a border. She created a fabulous cluster of Autumn with mushrooms and leaves, so lovely!

Jean created a mystical page which I think could be used as a preview for a new film!

Jeanette built a whimsical forest scene , I love how the owl is sitting on the he watching over them, or waiting for some sort of magical event to occur?

Trish created this peaceful scene of country charm, and when I first saw it I thought of the Wizard of Oz for some reason. There is an intriguing 'mood' to this page.

I love simple, so created this quick layer of cluster, paper, frame and scene to show how easy it is to create a page

...and here are a few more inspirations by my fabulous team!!

By Pat

By Hayley

by Cheryl

By Gina

By Trish

By Anne

By Jean