Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vintage Scrapping 1

Hi, I hope that everyone has had a great scrapping week. For the last couple of weeks I've been getting creative with vintage kits. I am just loving it! The best thing about vintage is that you can scrap it in so many styles. For this quick post I am taking a look at layers and more layers.

I've used the following wonderfully vintage kits by Lynne Anzelc Designs to create my pages:
First I select the background paper. Now before adding the next layers I actually add my top layer. I position the elements where I roughly want them before filling in the gaps with overlays and brushes underneath them. The last thing I do is position all the elements in their final places. Just keep layering until you find the right balance for the page you are creating. Don't be afraid to just try things. Below are some of my layouts as examples.

Of course the other great thing about vintage is that is works well with old photos. The photo in the layout above is an old family one. On this layout I have also included an overlay border and then layered up on top of that too, giving another dimension to the page.
  • My first layout uses: A Scrap of Vintage and A Scrap of Vintage WordArt and Brushes
  • My second layout uses: A Scrap of Vintage, A Scrap of vintage WordArt and Brushes and Vintage Journal Cards
  • My third layout uses: Timeless and Timeless Quotes and Brushes
Checkout the following posts here on Lynne's blog to see some amazing layouts created with Lynne's vintage style kits:
As always, we'd love to see your creations with Lynne's kits, either fully or partly. So please feel free to share a link with us in the comments section. Until next time, bye for now, Natasha :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am THRILLED to announce I have just been made a permanent member of Oscraps!  So very excited!  My status has changed from Guest Designer to Lynne Anzelc Designs, yipppeeee!!!  To celebrate, I have put my entire shop on sale!!  I also have a Sampler freebie, so take this opportunity to grab the freebie and pick up any items you've got on your wish list at 20-35% off!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Backgrounds and Overlays

Hi, It's Natasha here with another in my new series of creative idea posts. Today I am looking at backgrounds and overlays. I've been having fun creating my layouts with the following brilliant kits from Lynne Anzelc Designs:
I wanted to see how changing the background would change the look of one layout. First I added paper from By the Morning Light. I choose one that was fairly plain in pale blue. Next a border overlay from Nature Overlays, adding the same border twice in order to give it a stronger presence. Changing the border from black to white also gives a different look too. Around the edge I added a number of overlays from Supplemental, setting the transparency to 50% for all; and the birds from the same kit took centre stage, no transparency set. Finally I finished off with a number of elements from By the Morning Light and inspiration word art brushes from By the Morning Light WordArt and Brushes.

Instead of black I felt that white would look good for the border and word art brushes so I changed all of these.

With the top layers of my page ready it was time to experiment with the background. First using a difference blend, blending a lilac checkered paper into the blue background paper. This darker background really set off the white of the border and brushes.

Another blend, this time using a textured purple paper and the multiply blend mode with the original blue paper.

And finally changing the blue background paper for a purple/brown mottled paper.

One layout and lots of looks from just a simple background change. The papers used to create the pages are shown below and are all from By the Morning Light.

Have you had fun with background papers? Why not share in the comments links to any layouts that you have made partly or fully with Lynne's kits. We would love to see them :)

Enjoy scrapping and I'll be back soon with another creative ideas post, Natasha.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vintage Journal Cards

On sale now, Vintage Journal Cards are perfect for Project Life, card making, journaling and scrapping. These 16 printable cards come in 3x4 inch and include a contact page for printing.   And here are just a few ideas on how you might use them. Thank you MyStampin, Judy Webster, and Gina Scraps!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ways with Overlays 1

Hello :) It's Natasha here with the first in a series of posts looking at creative ideas with Lynne's beautiful kits. Today it is all about overlays and ways of using them. I have to say that I love an overlay or two and I often use them in my layouts. They are great for just adding a finishing touch or for using as the main part of a page. In this post I am going to share how I created the layout above.

I used the following beautiful kits by Lynne Anzelc Designs to create my page:
I started with a background from A Single Seed that had texture and also brushes in two corners. Next I added one of the border overlays from Scruffy Overlays.This really complemented the background and gave the perfect start to the page.

Underneath the border overlay I started building up with the overlays from the kit, On the Edge Overlays, tucking them in behind the border and setting the transparency to 75%, so that they became part of the background. I also included a musical note overlay from A Single Seed in the centre of the page also with a transparency of 75%. I then chose one of the word art stamps from A Single Seed Word Art and Brushes to be the main feature of the page, leaving this bold, with no transparency set.

This is how the background looks without the border overlay:

And with the border overlay:

Next it was time to layer up with a few embellishments. For these I kept to a limited palette of colours and added shadows. I didn't want to overdo the embellishments as I had created an interesting canvas with the overlays. The embellishments were to add to and not draw attention away from this.

Lastly I experimented with and without a shadow on the border overlay. It actually changes the look and feel of the page with just one small change. Layout without the shadow on the border overlay:

Layout with the shadow on the border overlay:

When adding overlays don't be afraid to experiment. Just keep adding and taking away until you find the right combination. Make several versions so that you can compare them to see the different effects you have created. Just remember, sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it on the page!

If you'd like to share your own layouts with us, partly or fully created with Lynne's kits please feel free to add a comment with a link at the end of this post. It would be great to see what you are creating :)

Bye for now, catch up again soon, Natasha :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Single Seed

From one seed, life begins.  So many events in our lives start with a single kernal of hope, hate, love, compassion....all from A Single Seed. My intent with this kit is to help people start thinking about the seeds they have planted. Journal them, scrap them, continue planting new seeds, change out others.  This is about dreams, our tomorrows.