Friday, May 27, 2016

Quiet Moments

We all need a few quiet moments in our day, and yet we so seldom take them. This kit is a reminder to do just that...nurture ourselves just a little bit!


... and then of course, there is Alice!  
Direct from the archives, extracted and colored, Wonderland is based on the fabulous the Alice in Wonderland  theme and her marvelous adventures. Honoring the works of John Tenniel, Lewis Carroll, and Arthur Rackham, I hope you find this large collection a thrill to your senses and are inspired by these marvelous Imaginaries!   

and from Gina, Cheryl, Hayley, Jean, and Jeannette, these amazing pages to give you inspiration

Floral Fancy

This is a first in a series of this style. Floral Fancies are adult Flower Fairies....

and of course, here are some inspirations from my team: Cheryl,Gina, Hayley, Jean, and Jeannette

Tea Garden

and here are some lovely pages by my crew of fabulous artists!