Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Discover Journaling

Hello! I've hope that everyone has had a great creative time since my last post :)

Today's post is going to take a little look at journaling. I like to add journaling to pages, especially to complement my travel layouts. In this post I give examples of two styles that I use, and also my personal travel journaling tips.

All my layouts use the amazing bundle, Discover by Lynne Anzelc Designs. I just love this kit :)

In my two travel pages I remember visits to Bosham, which is a little place in West Sussex, England that I love to visit. I haven't visited for a few years and I don't have any notes written from when I have visited in the past. However, I have some photos and memories. My journaling is therefore based on these things.

In this layout I've included some general thoughts, and what I've remembered about my trips to Bosham. The idea for this page is that the journaling, along with the photos, gives an idea about the place, with some personal insight/thoughts.

In my second layout I've shared my daydreams about the place. In this context I use the word imagine, because that is what I am doing. This page partly relies on the photo as I have not described the beautiful house, that is not what I am conveying with my words. Instead the photo shows you what the beautiful house is like. On this page the words are used for my feelings and thoughts, not factual or descriptive place information.

I thought it would be fun to share my personal travel journaling tips as a page layout and I found Lynne's word art a perfect complement to this page too :)

To all the photos I added a poster edges effect using Photoshop Elements, I love this effect and I've used it quite often in the past. I think it adds a little bit of an old fashioned postcard look to photos.

Do you have any top tips for journaling? If so we'd love to hear them, just share in the comments :) I'll be back soon with some more creative ideas, bye for now, Natasha :)