Monday, November 14, 2022

Outback Kit

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Many of us yearn to travel, especially right now. How about traveling with me to the Outback? Or if you have been, enjoy the memories of the unique animals, wild landscape.

Outback Kit is a Digital Scrapbook Kit  by Lynne Anzelc. It includes a variety of papers and elements to create Travel-themed scrapbook pages, digital art, and printable art projects.

This Digital Art Product Includes: 13 Papers (with 2 variations);bonus: 8 Australia Brush Stamps;114 Elements.Detailed Elements: 3 buzzards, 3 kangaroo, 2 wallaroo, 1 wallaby, 2 koala, 3 kookaburra, 1 cassowary, 3 dingos, 2 cattle, 1 cockatoo, 1 echidna, 2 emu, 1 finch, 1 sheep, 1 opposum, 1 gallahs, 1 gigas, 1 jabiru,1 platypus, 1 sugarglider, 2 tasmanian-devils, 1 moth, 1 wildflower blend, 2 river, blends, 2  road blends,  rocks, 2 tree blends, desert blend, 1 aboriginie, 2 cowboys or men, boots, rope, hat, 3 maps, stamps, postage, postcard, 1 cactus, 1 grass patch, 4 trees, 9 botanicals (flowers and leaves), coin, 3 script,1 statue, 1 silhoette, 4 textures, grid, clouds, 2 splatter, ground, antarctic globe blend, beads, magazine cover, 7 overlay edges, 5 word phrases, 2 frames, 1 bottle brush stamp, and grid.

The Wordart is sold separately, 
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And a few pages to show you how you might use it!


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